Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Been a Little Slow

The last two weeks we've been sort of lax. I haven't been feeling well and just haven't put in much time. Luckily it's not hard to homeschool a toddler as all play is learning for them. I have pictures of our week of Yellow and Monkeys that I will hopefully post soon but even that week was slow. This past week we had books on dogs but didn't even do a colour and barely did anything. We did go to playgroup though so she did some painting, crafting and singing. I'll be posting pics of her artwork as well. Today I have her playing with playdough and we've gone on a few walks where she's seen motorcycles and we are still working on the difference between trees, bushes and flowers.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll hopefully get all the pictures downloaded onto the computer and can then post them.

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qualcosa di bello said...

i hope you are feeling better soon. back in the day (w/ young children like yours) i didn't worry about time missed for my illness. & now, they are quite capable (8th & 10th grades) should i be ill to at least keep on track themselves.

sometimes those middle years were a worry if i was under the weather, but somehow, we managed. it is nice to adjust the day to your physical ability, as you can do with homeschooling!

can't wait to see the artwork!!