Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Red and Birds

This past week we learned about the colour red and birds. I decided do just keep going over the alphabet and numbers every week instead of concentrating on a single number or letter. As soon as I point out for example the number 1, she points to the other numbers and wants to know them.

Here she is looking at pictures of different kinds of birds.
These are the books we read last week.
Here are the red toys we played with
Art class! Well sort of. She loves drawing on her magna doodle (which is now broken.)
Next week is Yellow and Monkeys!


qualcosa di bello said...

callista...i heartily agree with your idea of letting your children take the lead. their natural curiosity is so strong at their ages & their interest will help them remember.

Callista said...

Definitely. This is how we decide on next week's animal, whatever animal she seems interested in learning more about. This week we started her sister on a new kind of diapers with a kangaroo on the front. She kept pointing to it and calling it doggie so I'm teaching her Kangaroo. She still calls it doggie so next week will learn a few Australian animals including the Kangaroo.

Frances said...

I'll be checking in for Yellow and Monkeys updates.
Guess all the monkeys will be eating bananas ;)
Have fun you guys,