Sunday, September 14, 2008

Other Alphabet Week Activities

I said I'd post a few more that we hadn't finished on time. Here they are.

This is the big project that took us two weeks to finish. For each letter of the alphabet, we stuck on something that started with that letter. It took us so long because we had to find all the items! Morgan absolutely LOVED this project.

In this picture: A is Aluminum Foil, B is Bandaids, H is Hearts, I is Insects (stickers), O is Oatmeal, P is Pumpkins (sequins), V is Violets (computer printouts) and W is wire (didn't work so well.)
In this picture: C is Cotton, D is Dog Food, E is Easter (stickers), J is Jewelery, K is Kidney Beans, L is Leaves (sequins), Q is Q-tips, R is Ribbon, S is Stars (stickers), X is X stamps (very hard to see), Y is Yellow Yarn and Z is ZigZags (ric rac)
In this picture: F is Feathers, G is Grapes (seqins), M is Makeup (stickers), N is Noodles, T is Toothpicks and U is Umbrellas (2 stickers and hand drawn by mom for the rest)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree Craft by Morgan. She chose to put the letters, on top of each other.

I just glued letters on paper for Alastrin and she colored on them.

Finally we made name bracelets!

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teachingtinytots said...

i love that poster we are doing something similar on our closet doors!