Sunday, September 14, 2008

Opposites Week

NOTE: Today I also posted the rest of the alphabet activities. You can find them after this post.
So this week was Opposites. I had trouble finding activities online for this other than boring worksheets so I made up a lot of what we did. We had books from the library that we read every day. Unfortunately Alastrin didn't do much with this theme.
After reading some books, we demonstrated opposites as well as some directional words by using things around the house. Here Morgan is demonstrated In. Other examples included: The cat is ON the basket, Alastrin is BETWEEN the doors, the tree is OUTside, we are INside, Morgan is UNDER the highchair, Morgan is stepping OVER the toy etc....

Here Morgan is working on a "game/worksheet" that I designed She matched up the opposites a couple of times and then the last time she glued the cards down.

Morgan was really confused with hot, cold, warm and cool so we filled four cups with water at the appropriate temperature and felt the outside while going over them. Then I'd give her two to choose from and tell her which one to find. When she had that one down we chose from three, then all four. She seemed to really get it but today she was confused again.

This is the one and only real worksheet we did. She circled the hot things in red and cold things in blue. She actually did this before the cup activity and got them all right, so she can't be completely confused.

First we built a bridge and then a house and used toys to demonstrate opposites and directions. Dora is IN the house, Ducks are ON the house, girl is BESIDE the house etc.. We also did behind and in front of but just briefly. She enjoyed this activity and did it on her own a couple of days later.

On the weekends we go visit the Grandparents and Grandma has an activity or two to keep us busy. This week she had both girls glue on a table and then glue objects either on top of or under the table. Alastrin did one too but she did it so fast and wanted to glue more on so she glued on fun foam shapes until you couldn't see the paper colour!

Grandma did this one with just Morgan. It's of course a house and fun foam animals are stuck inside and outside the door.

So it was a pretty laid back week with not quite enough activities. We also went to playgroup three times, one of which had gym class and we rode bikes outside one day.

Next week is Transporation!

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