Friday, August 17, 2007

Teaching the Colour Blue

This week I am teaching about the colour blue.

I have collected all her blue toys into one basket and we occasionally take them out to play with and identify. (see left) I hope that by seeing all blue objects together she will understand what I mean when I say blue. (That I am referring to the colour of the object.)

She has all blue blocks to build with.

I point out all blue things around the room and that show themselves during the day.

I have dressed her in blue clothing all week.

As Friday closes, she can say the word blue but still doesn't understand what I mean when I say something is blue. But I'm not worried. She's only 19 months and everything I'm doing with her now will just help prepare her to learn more when she's a little older. In a few months I believe she WILL know what is blue and what's not. The most important thing is that she had FUN!

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