Thursday, August 16, 2007

About Me

I've wanted to homeschool my children since I was in high school. I had a bad experience with school and didn't want that for my children. As the years pass, I've heard more and more bad stories about schools which only makes my urge to homeschool stronger.

I now have two beautiful daughters, Cuteness who was born Jan/06 and Precious who was born Apr/07. As I start this blog, my oldest is 19 months. Most people I've talked to started homeschooling at age 4 or 5 but really we are always teaching our children, right from birth. At such an early age, we obviously won't be doing workbooks or homework or reading from textbooks but there is a lot we can do.

This blog is about my homeschooling adventure as I get started and then continue homeschooling my girls from toddlerhood on. This blog is for me as well as others. I hope that I offer some help to others who wish to homeschool early.

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dawn said...

I had the desire to home school early in my kids lives, and was so excited to connect with other home school families when they were school age. It wasn't as common 11 years ago when I started. It is great you started this blog.